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Terms and condition of hire of the Lighthouz Studio


This document explains all terms and conditions of hire of the photography studio.


1.Booking system


1.1 We take bookings via online booking system, email, over the phone or in person in the studio.

1.2 Booking has to be secured by a deposit. It can be paid online during the booking process, via bank transfer, or by card/cash in the studio, no longer than 24h after the booking. Failing that, your booking may be cancelled and access to the studio may be denied.

1.3 Outstanding balance needs to be paid at least on the day of hire. We do not accept any other form of payments than online transfer/cash or card. We reserve the right to cancel any booking where payment is not received before the event.

1.4 The online booking system sends out the automatic email containing all booking details. It is the hirer responsibility to check that all information are correct.

1.5 Studio hire time slots and dates may be changed or cancelled by the Lighthouz Studio in exceptional circumstances. You will be given notice of cancellation in writing and all fees will be paid back to you.


2. Damages to the studio and equipment


2.1 The hirer will be liable for any damage caused to the studio. This includes damages to the studio floors, walls infinity cave or any equipment (including lighting system, computers, tripods, stands, light modifiers, backdrops, and furniture).

2.2 It is a hirer responsibility for reporting any damages noticed before commencing a booking.

2.3 Staff member is always checking the condition of the studio and all the equipment in attendance of the hirer. We reserve 5 mins of your booking time to proceed all necessary checks. To avoid that, we recommend coming to the studio at least 10 minutes prior your booked slot.

2.4 We reserve the right to check the equipment and condition of the studio in hirer attendance after the photoshoot.


3.Use of equipment


3.1 Photography studio is equipped with a 4-light studio lighting system hanging on the pantograph mounted to the ceiling of the studio. Three freestanding studio lights (2 on tripods and one on boom stand). Triggering system for each lamp and sort of light modifiers.

3.2 iMacs can be used for tethering but the user is advised to bring their own device-specific cable.

3.3 The Adobe Lightroom software is preinstalled on both computers. We do not allow the hirer for installing any software without the prior staff permission.

3.4 Please, note that any of the studio lights cannot be taken off the tripod or pantograph system without permission. Also, iMac cannot be moved around the room without a staff member permission.

3.5 The Wi-Fi is free to use and accessible for hirers but password needs to be requested from one of the staff members. Please, note that this connection has not been set up for the purpose of live streaming and we cannot guarantee its speed and reliability.

3.6 The hirer is allowed to use their own electrical equipment such as laptops, chargers, lighting system but all electrical items must be PAT tested.


4.Footwear, food and drink, smoking, alcohol


4.1 Outdoor shoes are allowed in the studio but the hirer is responsible for the footwear to be clean and does not leave any visible marks on the floor or within the infinity cave area. Otherwise, the hirer might be responsible for covering the cost of professional floor cleaning or repainting.

4.2 Food and drink may be taken into the studio but cannot be consumed within the infinity cave or next to the electrical devices such as computers or lighting equipment.

4.3 Hirer is responsible for removing all litters and rubbish after the session. The studio is cleaned after each session and supposed to be left in a clean condition after to the photo session.

4.4 No alcoholic drinks are allowed in the studio.

4.5 Smoking cigarettes or using e-cigarettes are strongly prohibited.


5. Booking time


5.1 The hirer is responsible to keep an allotted time slot and ensure that the studio is clean and ready for next hirer use at the end of the hire time.

5.2 The Lighthouz Studio must be notified of any delays affecting your booking as this may have an impact on next or previous hirer.

5.3 The Lighthouz Studio reserves the right to invoice for any extra time if the hirer fails to vacate the studio by the end of the allotted time slot. We charge additional £15 for every 15 mins of use.


6. Health & Safety and fire evacuation procedures


6.1 The hirer is responsible to follow the health & safety procedures on site.

6.2 No running is allowed in the studio.

6.3 Hirer is responsible for using handrails on the stairs.

6.4 Lift can be used for transporting people, wheelchairs, equipment up to 500kg but can be only operated by the trained staff member.

6.5 Using open fire within the studio is strongly prohibited.

6.6 Smoke machines, fans can only be used with prior staff member permission.

All hirers must make themselves familiar with fire evacuation procedure and locations of fire extinguishers throughout the building.

6.7 The Lighthouz Studio insurance will only cover defects within the building and equipment that belongs to the studio. We do not cover any loss or injury to a member of the public as the result of the hirer own activities or hirers personal belongings.



By booking the studio, the hirer confirms that have read, understood and agreed to comply with all the terms and conditions stated above.

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