Good representation of a product on the website is crucial for online shops, manufacturers or restaurants. Every business that sells their products or services on the WEB needs a high-quality content to gain and keep customers' attention. Images are the most important part of the content as the most people look at the images and make a decision to buy or not to buy.


People say that "one image can tell more than hundreds of words" and we absolutely agree with these sentence.

Our product Photography Services ARE:

E-Commerce Product Photography – Type of photography designed for e-commerce and highly desired by online retailers and manufacturers. Product packshoots contain up to 6 images and represent the object on a pure white background or any other background colour chosen by a customer. 


360° Photography – The most interactive and modern type of photography that can be seen on websites of the most popular brands. Customers have an availability to rotate, zoom-in/zoom-out an object on the screen. Customers can look at the product from every possible angle to make sure this is exactly what they need. This is a great option for retailers that believe in customers satisfaction and put the highest website quality in the first place.

Food Photography – Whatever you need professional food photographs for your menu, website or banners. We are here to help. The lighthouz Studio features a professional fully equipped kitchen that can be used for preparing fresh dishes just before the photo shoot. Our mobile team is also able to get to your location and use professional lighting to create unique photographs at the place and a time that is convenient for you.