Fashion Photography is one of our most demanded services and we are proud to say that every project we do is extremely important to us. We deliver the same highest possible standard of work to small customers such a local fashion designer or big fashion brand with years of retailing experience. Our goal is to meet the requirements of all customers. Our fashion photography services include most popular products such as Fashion Pack shoots that are ideal to represent fashion styles online. In addition to that, we also offer an Invisible Mannequin Photography and 360° Fashion Photography. We specialise in producing the highest quality content for websites, online stores, social media channels and printed marketing materials such as flyers or catalogues. Other than typical e-commerce photography, our team of photographers, make-up artists, hairstylist, stylists, and videographers delivers the high fashion, magazine style look photographs for brands, magazines and artists.

Our Fashion Photography Services ARE:

Fashion Packshoot – The ideal representation of a singular piece of cloth or complete fashion sets. The packshoot includes up to 8 photographs representing all parts of the product such as front, sides, back and all possible details. Background type can be chosen from a wide range of colours or remain pure white to ideally integrate with the website background.


Creative Fashion Photos – the main difference between commercial pack-shoots and creative fashion photos is a background and a location of the photoshoot. Whilst all pack-shoot photos are taken in studio using pure white backdrop, creative photoshoots take place at different locations using variety of lighting techniques and time of the day. 

Invisible Mannequin – An Invisible Mannequin photography is a highly complicated and time-consuming process as the clothes have to be photographed using special photography technique and combined into one final set of photographs in post-production using speciality software. This type of photography is getting more popular and becoming a must-have option for all big brand retailers that want to maximise their customers’ experience.